Contacts is used to save information of callers.

Features explained in this article

Add Contact

To add a new contact, click on Add Contact on the upper right side.

  • First Name: Enter the first name of the contact.
  • Last Name: Enter the last name of the contact.
  • Phone: Enter the phone number of the contact.
  • Home/Mobile: This determines whether the number entered is a home phone or cell phone number.
  • Add Phone: This is used to add more phone numbers to the contact.
  • Labels: One or more of the existing labels can be entered here so the contact will be joined under that label. (This categorizes contacts and can be used for future reference in the IVR Branches to route calls based on the caller’s label. More at Contact>Label)
  • Email: The email address of the contact can be entered.
  • Notes: Any additional information can be entered.
  • Custom Fields: This is used to enter any piece of information that can then be used in the IVR Branch. (e.g. For a points program, Field A is the field where the points of each contact is entered. Kids can then call in to hear the amount of points they have or to add more points.) In each field, a different category of information can be entered.
  • Address/City/State/Zip: The Address/City/State/Zip of the contact can be entered.
  • Expiration: A date when this contact will expire can be selected. Please note that the expiration can also be left empty.
  • Call Center
  • Click Save.


Each contact can be saved under a label. Labels act as categoties for the contacts. To add a label:

  • Click on Add Label on the the upper left side.
  • Label Name: Choose the label name (e.g. registered).
  • Label Number: Give your label any number; this will not affect the call routing in any way. It is just for personal use.
  • CID: This determines whether the contact name of each contact in this label will come up as the Caller ID of the caller. If CID is checked, the caller ID of the carrier will come up. If it is not checked, the contact name entered will come up as the caller ID.
  • Expiration: An expiration date for the label to be removed can be entered. Please note that if the expiration is left empty, the label will not expire.
  • Click Save
  • Delete With Contacts: This will delete the label together with all the contacts under it.
  • Delete Only Label: This will delete the label itself and leave all the contacts.

Editing a Contact

A contact can be edited at any time by clicking on the contact name.

Editing a Label

A label can be edited at any time by clicking on the label and then clicking on ‘Edit Label’ on top of the contact list list.

Importing contacts

To import an excel sheet with a list of contacts, click on Import:

  • Select the label for the contact to be entered under.
  • Click on choose file to select the file to load.
  • Click Import.

Exporting Contacts

To export a list of contacts, click Export.