The Conference section is used to give callers the option of listening to a speaker live.

Features explained in this article


In order to use the conference, the rooms to be used first need to be created. Once that is done, a new branch functioning as “CONFERENCE” can be created in the IVR Branch. Follow these steps to create a conference:

Conference Rooms

In the drop list below “CONFERENCE” (in the black navigation on the left side) select “CONFERENCE ROOMS”. There, as many conference rooms as the moderator would like can be set up and edited. To add or edit a conference room: Click on add a conference room or edit a conference room located on the upper right side. A list of options to be chosen from will be given and features for the conference room can be selected.

  • Room Name: Each room can be assigned its own name (ex. Daily live lectures).
  • Room Number: Each room can be assigned its own number (ex. 1).
  • Record Album: If the conference is being recorded, the album in which the recording should be saved can be selected.
  • Start Recordong: The user can select when recording should begin. It could begin either at moderator entry or when there are two unmuted participants.
  • Stop Recording: Recording can be set up to end when the moderator leaves the room.
  • Unmute: The moderator can choose whether participants should need approval to unmute. (Please note that participants will only be muted of Mute Default is selected.)
    1. Approval: Every time a participant wants to unmute, they will need to raise their hand (by pressing the pound/hashtag key (#) and listening for instructions) and the moderator will be able to select participants to be unmuted.
    2. Allow User: This will allow the user to unmute themselves by pressing the pound/hashtag key (#) and listening for instructions.
    3. Not Allow: This will not allow the participant to be unmuted or even to raise their hand.
  • Beep All: This option will make a beep sound when another caller joins the conference. This beep will be heard by all participants.
  • Music on Hold: This will make music sound when participants are on hold. It will stop when the moderator enters the conference.
  • Announce Number: This will let participants know how many participants joined the conference before him/her.
  • QA: This feature will open a Q&A session. This will allow the moderator to unmute only one participant at a time. When the moderator unmutes another participant, the original unmuted participant will become muted.
  • Mute Default: This will determine whether participants come into the conference as muted or unmuted.
  • Max: The moderator can enter the max number of participants in the conference. This feature is optional and will allow an unlimited number of participants if left empty.
  • Streamer Portal #:
  • Subs:
  • Sounds Album: This is where the moderator selects which album’s recordings to play at different points of the conference:
    1. Hold Sound: This will play when the conference is on hold and will end when the moderator enters the conference. (Please note that this will only play if Music on Hold is selected.)
    2. Close Sound: This will play when the conference closes.
    3. Muted Sound: This will play when the moderator mutes a participant.
    4. Unmuted SoundThis will play when the moderator unmutes a participant.

Once the conference rooms have been set up, a conference and moderator branch can be created. Both of them are needed for each conference room so that the participants of the conference can hear the moderator. More at IVR Branch> Conference

Live Conference

Throughout each live conference, the moderator can change some settings. In the drop list below Conference (located in the black navigation on the left side) select Live Conference. There, the moderator can change settings while the conference is going on.

  • Select a conference room.
  • There will be a list of all participants who have raised their hand. The moderator can then:
    1. Mute and unmute participants as desired (Please note that if QA is on, all participants will be muted as soon as the moderator unmuted another participant.)
    2. Adjust the volume of each participant.
  • The moderator can unmute any participant at any time. The volume of the participant can then be lowered or hired as desired.
  • The moderator can kick any participant out of the conference at any time.
  • The moderator can see the names, phone numbers, and duration of the phone call of each caller.

Editing a Conference

To edit a conference, click on the edit icon under action.

General Conference Room Layout

A list of all conference rooms is shown. The list includes:

  • Room Name: The name assigned to the room when added.
  • Room Number: The number assigned to the room when added.
  • Record:
  • Album: The album in which the conference recording will go in.
  • Action: The room can be edited or deleted here.

General Live Conference Layout

A conference room first needs to be selected in order to continue. Then, the amount of moderators and participants currentlu on the conference will show. The name, phone number, and duration will also be shown. Under Actions, participants can be muted and unmuted, and the volume raised and lowered. The raised hands of participants will also be shown here.