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EZ Telepay

Keep track of payments made on your line. See the caller ID, date, amount of the payment, and more. Request an excel sheet export by clicking on the doc icon on the upper left. Charge payments by clicking on the credit card icon on the upper left and entering the required information.

Recurring Payments

Keep track of or edit recurring payments. See the phone number, amount of recurring payment, credit card used, the next renewal date, etc.

Merchant Keys

A key needs to be requested from a gateway. That key is entered here, and serves as the code that lets our system know where to transfer the money received through telepay. In each pay branch, a merchant key should be selected.

To add a merchant key, click on Add Merchant. Give the key a name, select the gateway being used, and enter the key/keys.


This is used to give callers the option of paying for a variety of products. The products and their prices are entered here, and then an order branch is set up in the IVR Branch where callers can select their items. To add a product:

  • Click on Add Product.
  • Give the product a name.
  • Give the product a number
  • Enter the price.
  • Enter the amount in stock. If there is an unlimited amount, stock can be left empty.
  • Select whether this is an active product.
  • Select whether payments should be recurring.
  • Select a recording to play when someone selects this item. This recording usually states just the name of the product.
  • click Save.


This is used to keep track of customers’ orders. The customer name, phone number, product, quantity, total price, and order status can be seen. Orders can also be created by clicking on Create Order and selecting a customer and order status.


See a list of all customers and their information. To add new customers:

  • Click on Add New Record.
  • Give the client an ID.
  • Enter their balance.
  • Enter the first name.
  • Enter the last name.
  • Select whether the status is yes or no.



Campaigns General Layout

The Campaigns page shows all campaigns - both current and previous ones. It shows the title, goal, whether it is a match fund and if so the match amount, the start and end date, whether there is a public page for payments online and if so a link, and the option to delete or edit a campaign. To add a campaign, click on Add Campaign on the upper right.

Adding/Editing a Campaign

This section is used to set up the campaigns's goal, teams, etc. To add a campaign, click on Add Campaign on the upper right. To edit a campaign, click on the edit icon located to the right of the campaign.

  • Title: The title of the campaign is entered here.
  • Goal: The campaign goal is entered here.
  • Match Fund: Select whether the campaign is a match fund.
  • Match Amount: Select how many times the campaign is being matched. (If a campaign branch is set up to list transactions, it will list the transactions multiplied by the amount of times that the campaign is being matched.)
  • Public: If this is selected, a public link will be given where donations will be able to be given.
  • Label: In order for the system to know what teams there are, a contact for each team needs to be added. A label is entered here, under which each contact is another team. Enter a team ID as the first name of the team and as the custom field A. In another field, enter the goal for this team.
  • Add: Each team can have sub teams. The original teams are referred to as parent teams and sub teams are referred to as the children. A contact (team) of the original label is selected, and then a label is selected. In that label, a group of teams is entered as contacts in the same way as was done with the parent teams. When someone donates to a subteam, the system adds the donation to both the parent and the child team.
  • Goal Field: The field in which the goal for each team is entered is selected here.
  • Merchant: The merchant key to be used for donations is entered here.
  • Start Date - End Date: The starting and ending date of the campaign can be entered here.
  • Email Settings: Each donation that is made via text or online on the public page can be set up to receive an email.
    1. Email Address: Enter the email address donors should receive the email from.
    2. Send Email: Select whether emails should be sent after donations.
    3. Header: Enter the header text.
    4. Line 1: Enter the line 1 text.
    5. Line 2: Enter the line 2 text. The rest of the email will automatically be filled out by our system.

Call Donations

To set up donations over the phone, create a mask branch in which callers can enter the ID # of a specific team so the system will know that a donation was made towards that team. Select For Payments Only. Then, select a Pay branch as the goto. Select the campaign for donations to go to, and then the goto should take to a Cancel Mask branch.

SMS Campaign Donations

To allow donations to be sent via text, create a Mask branch in which donors can enter the ID # of a team so the system will know that a donation was made towards that team. Select For Payments Only. The goto should be to a Pay branch. Select the campaign to which donations should go to. Then select a Cancel Mask branch as the goto.