Phone System

Phone system is used to set up extensions and voicemails.

Features explained in this article


Voicemails General Setup

A voice mailbox can be selected in order to listen to the voicemails. Blue voicemails are unread, and white ones are read. Check the box on the left side for the option to either delete or mark voicemails as unread. Voicemails can be downloaded by pressing the play button and then the download button. To edit a box, select one and then click on Edit Box.

Adding a Voicemail Box

Click on Add Voice-Mail Box on the upper right.

  • Box Title: Give the box a title which will be used for future reference.
  • Minutes: Enter the maximum duration for voicemails. (Please note that this feature is optional.)
  • Email To: A report of each voicemail (with the voicemail as an attachment) will be emailed. If left empty, the email will be sent to the default email address in our system. Or a sub user can be selected (more at Subusers).
  • Prompt: Select a recording to play before callers leave a message.
  • Click Save.